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Hotels in Tokyo

Finding hotels in Tokyo isn’t very difficult.  I mostly stick to a few options, but you can search just about any travel website and they’ll have access to rooms in Tokyo.  I usually pay close attention to the map and I try to stay close to train stations.  It just makes things easier and faster.

Most hotels will have a restaurant for breakfast, but it will be routine.  You’re better off exploring a bit and running across something.  There will be a lot of free accessories like a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shampoo, etc.  They usually don’t have translations for the air conditioning, so use your Google Translate app for that.

Most hotels in major cities offer free baggage transportation to Narita and Handea.  Just leave your bags when you check out and pick them up at the airport.  That’s a huge convenience when you don’t fly out until the afternoon and want to check out a few last spots.

TIP:  When you check in, grab a business card for the hotel which should be on the counter.  If you ever wander around the city and lose your way, hop into a taxi and hand the business card to the driver.

An alternate to a hotel in Tokyo is AirBnB.  If you like to go this route then you’ll find it to be convenient and can sometimes save you money.   Almost all of them give you a pocket Wi-Fi device for your stay which can save you $50-$100.  It’s a good service since Japanese people are so clean and orderly (not not scammers).

VRBO had about the same selection and price as AirBnB with only a handful of different selections.  I haven’t used it yet but it seemed on par with AirBnB.  Another good alternative to a hotel room in Tokyo.

Rakuten Travel is usually the best “regular” option for a hotel room in Tokyo.  It’s in English, has slightly better prices than places like Expedia and Orbitz, and you don’t need a credit card to reserve a room, which is actually pretty crazy.  You just make a reservation in the system and pay when you arrive.

Other Thoughts…

Overall, it’s pretty easy to find a hotel room and you can usually find smaller hotels or rentals to save some money if you want to go that route.  Typically I’d pay about $100 a night for a decent place that is clean and close to the action.  The rooms are small, very small in fact.  You can see a video here, and this room is above average in size:

All the front desk staff will speak English.  They’ll make a copy of your passport and you’ll fill out a little registration card.  Grab a business card for the hotel so you can hand it to a taxi driver if you ever lose your way (after a few drinks).

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